Calcium is a mineral found in many supplements and as additives in certain types of food. You might be wondering why this is the case. You might not know this but calcium is one of the most important minerals in the body! You’ll find out today why you should always have calcium in your diet and where you can get it to fill in that dietary need. 

What Exactly Is Calcium?

Calcium is a mineral that every animal needs in their body. The most commonly known reason is that it is what keeps our teeth and bones strong. However, calcium does a number of other things for our body.  

Keeps Your Muscles Strong

It isn’t just your bones that need calcium to keep it strong. Calcium also has a profound effect on your muscles. It helps with muscle contraction and makes sure that you can stretch and flex without straining yourself and tearing your muscles unless you’re doing some really difficult stretches or lifting. 

Your Circulatory System Needs it Too

Your circulatory system includes everything from your veins to your heart, and calcium plays an important role in how blood gets around. One of the most important muscles in the human body is the heart. Enough calcium is needed to keep your heart pumping properly as it relies on contractions to push your blood into places where it needs to be.

It Keeps Injuries From Getting Worse

Remember that time where you scraped your knee or accidentally cut yourself with a knife while cooking? Your blood starts pouring out of the wound but ends up closing up only minutes later. You can thank the calcium in your diet for sealing up your injury. Calcium plays a vital role in blood coagulation where the cells responsible for sealing up your wound produce Calcium Ions to help seal up the injury.

Calcium Deficiency and You

With all the benefits that calcium brings, lacking this important mineral can cause a number of problems that could be easily avoided. This lack of calcium is called Hypocalcemia and many parts of your body begin to weaken as soon as the supply of calcium begins to dwindle. 


Coming from the words osteo(bone) and poros(greek for passage) is an illness that affects people aged people aged fifty and up. Younger people can also contract this if their calcium intake is insufficient. This disease is caused by the lack of calcium, with the bones beginning to degrade. This makes it harder for someone with it to move around and may even need to have walking assistance

Muscle Problems 

Calcium deficiency can easily cause someone’s muscles to start weakening. This can come in the form of spasms, and pain that can last several minutes to over an hour. This happens because there isn’t enough calcium to safely maintain your muscle’s contractions. 


A person with low levels of calcium will experience their energy levels drop. This is because the body’s muscles and other organs aren’t getting enough calcium to function properly. Hypocalcemia has even been shown to lower appetite and cause insomnia which contribute to a person’s lower energy.

Where Can You Get Calcium in Your Diet?

From our muscles to our bones, calcium plays an important role in keeping our body in top shape. The best way to get calcium is through the food you eat. Some foods that are very rich in calcium include dairy based products like cheese and yogurt. For any vegetarians trying to avoid meat and any of its byproducts, you have broccoli, soybeans and kale to fill in the gap. Another great option that you have is to take a specially designed IV vitamin drip therapy meant to reinforce your bones with the calcium it needs. Contact us today to get a head start you need sate your body’s need for calcium in your diet!


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