Having fun in the sun isn’t just enjoyable, but you also get your daily dose of a very important vitamin: Vitamin D. This essential vitamin might be available nearly twelve hours a day, people still cannot find the time to get enough of it which leads to vitamin D deficiency. So, today we’ll be exploring what vitamin D is and how it helps to keep you in top condition each day.

Vitamin D and You

This amazing “vitamin” isn’t actually a vitamin as it can be produced by our own body without having to be taken in through food and supplements. Substances classed as vitamins are the substances that your body cannot produce on its own and your body can easily create more vitamin D through exposure to the sun. Despite not being considered an “actual” vitamin, vitamin D is important to how our body functions and comes with a host of different benefits 

Strengthens Your Immune System

Vitamin D is an essential part of helping our body’s immune system fight off diseases. Diabetes, flu, colds, and cancer are just some of the diseases on Vitamin D’s anti-disease hit list.

Stronger Bones

This great vitamin indirectly helps us keep our bones in top condition and keep them from breaking under the stress we put them through in our daily lives. How? By helping our bones absorb more calcium, which is essential in maintaining bone integrity and strength, that’s how.

Faster Healing of Wounds

Getting injured is a normal thing in our lives and you can expect yourself to get frequently injured over the course of your life. Vitamin D is one of the vitamins needed by your cells to properly heal after a fall. The reason for this is that when you’re injured, vitamin D helps control the production of cathelicidin which helps fight off infections during the healing process.

Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency is still quite common in adults despite this vitamin being available from the sun and food with the vitamin in it. Deficiency can be caused by commitments where they are unable to go under the sun at the appropriate times and at other times they can be caused by an underlying health issue. Some of these issues include:

Lack of Sun

Getting out in the sun is one of the best ways for your body to produce vitamin D. It can be considered similar to how a plant needs sunlight to grow and function properly. The same can be said of people with how they need a little sun to keep themselves healthy. 

Damaged or Defective Liver

The liver is an important part of the body that filters and detoxifies your blood over time. Another great function of the liver is that it helps your body process UV light from the sun.The UV light is then made into vitamin D that your body can use. If the liver isn’t properly functioning, UV light doesn’t get properly synthesized into vitamin D, making it less useful to your body.

Old Age

Older folks not only have far more trouble staying hip and in style but they also have trouble absorbing the vitamin D they need. Their advanced age means that the elderly needs more vitamins than a younger person. 

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for everyone, and the best way to get your daily dose is to get out there in the sun and have a little fun. If that isn’t an option we’ve got you covered with IV vitamin drips that can easily replenish any vitamins you might be lacking. Contact us today!


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