The Effects of IV Vitamin Therapy – IV Vitamines Therapy

IV Vitamin Therapy is not a fad but has actually been around for ages. Initially used by Dr. Thomas Latta in the 1930s to help treat patients with cholera and later further developed into a cocktail of vitamins and minerals by Dr. John Myers in the 1950s to treat patients with several health conditions. This combination proved to be so effective that even to this date it is being used to not only help treat different ailments but also to restore people to good health.

The world we live in is so demanding and it’s taking a toll on people’s health. Vitamins and minerals in the body get used up. If we don’t eat enough nutritious food and get enough rest, these nutrients get depleted. This is why IV Vitamin Therapy is very useful. There are a wide range of benefits but the most important ones would be;

Increased recovery from any signs of sickness.
You will notice improved skin and it slows down the signs of aging.
You will feel stronger and not likely to develop colds and flu.
You will have a better quality of sleep resulting in better health and clarity of mind.
You will have a better cognitive function and your mood will also improve. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety.
It reduces instances of migraine and tension headache attacks.
Improved stamina.

The IV Vitamin Therapy treatment is very effective because it directly goes into your veins and skips the digestive system where some vitamins and minerals are lost during the process of digestion. There are many factors that contribute to this and this is why some people don’t get all the benefits that oral vitamins and even the food that we take in. IV Vitamin therapy is not just a fad but a beneficial treatment for everyone who lives a very busy life and needs the vitamin boost to get back on track

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