Adrenaline is a chemical in your body that handles a number of functions. It’s main use is to induce the flight or fight response in a person or animal. However, it has a number of other minor short term and long term effects that you should know about.

How Adrenaline Affects You

Adrenaline’s effects extend beyond being threatened. However, not everyone will know about the effect of adrenaline on their bodies. This is why we’ve put together a list of these adrenaline related effects that could help you make better decisions in the future.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common occurrence if a person is stressed and has adrenaline in their system. Adrenaline in your system is the signal for your body to increase your systolic blood pressure or your “stressed” blood pressure. The main reason why this occurs is to get oxygen to vital areas of the body in case the flight or fight response is needed. However, excessive adrenaline can cause your diastolic blood pressure or “relaxed” blood pressure to rise. This is where things get dangerous as your arteries and veins are now at risk. 

Restlessness and Irritability

Restlessness and irritability are another side effect of adrenaline on your body. The main reason why adrenaline is released into your body is to make sure that you can respond to outside threats. This response gives you a burst of energy that can be used to either fight or run. However, if you have adrenaline in your system and there is no reason to respond like this, then the energy is wasted. Your body will still try to get rid of the excess energy in one way or another, and this is what causes restlessness and irritability.

Too Much Adrenaline Can Cause Various Long Term Illnesses and Disorders

The biggest problem that adrenaline has on your body is that it opens you up to a number of long term illnesses and disorders. These illnesses and disorders aren’t directly caused by adrenaline, but rather the effects it has on the rest of the body. Some examples include heart problems and liver problems. The former is caused by excessive stress and extreme heart palpitations caused by adrenaline, while the latter is caused by how adrenaline signals the liver to create glucose which may or may not be needed.

Unhealthy Weight Reduction or Gain

Another problem that can be caused by adrenaline is that it can cause an individual to either lose or gain weight in an unhealthy way. Weight loss is caused by the body burning more resources than it needs in that given moment. Weight gain on the other hand is caused by the individual trying to replenish the resources that they’ve used while adrenaline was in their systems. 


Adrenaline is an essential part of our survival as it gives you the energy that you need to get away safely from a life threatening situation. However, excessive amounts of it can cause problems to your body in the short and long term. 

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