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Every day you go to your bathroom cabinet and take in all your necessary vitamins and minerals. You then head to work feeling as if nothing has happened at all. You don’t feel any different and only while you’re sitting in your office do you feel your pills kick in. There has got to be a better way right? IV vitamin therapy could be the answer to your problem. But you might be wondering how much better taking a vitamin infusion is when compared to just sticking with your prescription vitamins.


Not to worry as you’ll find out just how much better IV therapy is when compared to your run of the mill pharmacy pill.


Less Wasted

Taking in pills might be quicker and less of a hassle when compared to scheduling an IV therapy session with a licensed professional, but are you sure that you’re getting everything out of your pills? 


After drinking a pill, it will be metabolized by your body over several hours. Your body won’t be able to metabolize all of it however and a large portion of the vitamins and minerals you were expecting in your bloodstream end up getting lost in the intestines. A vitamin infusion on the other hand, sends a concentrated mixture of vitamins and minerals straight through your bloodstream and guarantees that your body absorbs the majority of those vitamins. 


Faster and Longer Lasting Results

Vitamins in pills will be dissolved through your stomach, then your intestines and only then can it be absorbed by your body. This process can take several hours and their effects won’t last very long due to most of the nutrients being wasted. IV vitamin therapy only asks 20 minutes to an hour of your time to get the nutrients you need to start the week running. Yes, the entire week. 


Therapy results will last an entire week as each session gives you as much vitamins as taking a vitamin pill every day for the entire week. 


Better Health Benefits

Everyday you take a pill and hope for the best, but are those pills really going to give you their best? IV vitamin therapy will give you better health benefits as your needed vitamins are sent straight to your bloodstream without the hassle of being processed through your intestines. 


This makes it great for those with trouble getting enough nutrients out of food and pills that need to be taken in orally. The benefits become even more obvious for those suffering from illness as the vitamins immediately strengthen your body’s cells through the infusion. If you have intestinal problems, anemia or anything that keeps you from absorbing the vitamins and minerals your body needs, then taking an IV vitamin therapy session will definitely help you out.

IV Vitamin therapy has been around since the 1970s and has helped many people overcome vitamin deficiency and improve their physical well being. If you want to achieve physical well being like many others have, then feel free to contact us at (480) 367-1500 or visit  our office at 11333 North Scottsdale Road, Suite 260 Scottsdale, Arizona

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