As we age, our bodies are slowly flooded by toxins that can make slowly make us sick. These toxins enter our body through our skin, our food and even the air we breathe. There is no way to completely avoid them from entering our bodies. However, there is a way to get rid of these contaminants: Detoxifying. 

Why You Should Detoxify Your Body

As was said earlier, these toxins slowly enter our body and make us ill. .Over time these toxins will start affecting various organs in your body. The liver, which is responsible for filtering your blood, will soon get overwhelmed with the amount of toxins it needs to filter.Other organs will start to suffer as well and you’ll end up fighting an uphill battle if you don’t regularly help your liver detoxify. 

How You Should Detoxify Your Body

There are a plethora of ways to detoxify your body. There is no excuse to not detoxify as it helps your overall health. Detoxifying your body comes in many different forms and there’s a method for everyone. From the busy businessman to the house mom, there’s always a way for you to help clean up your blood.

Drink More Water

Water makes up nearly 70% of your body and that amount needs to be constantly replaced. Dehydration is a monkey wrench in your body’s processes and that includes detoxifying. Waste is carried out on urine which needs water to be able to pass out of the body. Without enough water your kidneys are going to have a more difficult time with cleansing your body.

Get Enough Exercise

Exercising should be on everyone’s agenda. It doesn’t even have to be a marathon of epic proportions to be effective. You just need to make sure that you sweat during the exercise session. Sweating has many benefits for your body. It flushes various toxins like excess cholesterol, and salt as you exercise. Not only will you get rid of those unnecessary toxins, you’ll also feel great afterwards because of the endorphins being released into your blood.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping throughout the night might not seem like a detoxifying method. Your brain actually does its own version of spring cleaning during the night while you’re resting. It flushes out a toxin called Amyloid-B that contributes to Alzheimer’s causing plaques in your brain. Not getting enough sleep means your brain won’t have enough time to cleanse your body. 

Eat Right

This is the most basic way to detoxify your body. Eating fast food and processed food can be taxing on your body. These types of food carry with them a plethora of additives and preservatives that destroy the nutritional value of food. Preservatives and additives might be great for keeping the food fresh, but tend to be unhealthy or even cause long term problems. Instead of eating processed food, opt for healthier options like fresh meat and vegetables to cleanse your body. 

Fresh produce are simply frozen and rarely have additives or preservatives. Pesticides might be a concern for fruits and vegetables but are easily taken care of with a thorough wash under running water. The best part about fresh produce is that they have all the vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy.

IV Vitamin Therapy

If you can’t adjust your eating habits, then an alternative is to take an IV vitamin therapy session. Each session will have all the necessary vitamins and minerals that you need to detoxify your body. Each therapy lasts little more than an hour and you’ll feel the positive effects for a week after each session. Contact us today for a consultation and a therapy made especially for you! 

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