Vitamin deficiency is a problem many people worldwide face due to a number of reasons. With people’s busy lifestyles it can be difficult to get a proper meal but did you that might be the very reason you’re experiencing depression? There are a number of vitamins that you need to function. Depression causing vitamin deficiencies is one of the main reasons why eating a balanced diet is necessary.

Essential Vitamins that Keep Depression Away

With depression spiraling out of control you’d think that you’re going to need a more effective therapy or antidepressant. In reality, you just need to convince people to take in the various vitamins and minerals that help their body function. We’ve put together a list of vitamins and minerals your body is going to need to keep depression as far away as possible. The list of essential vitamins your body needs is fairly long so we’re going to stick with the most common deficiencies that most people will suffer from. 

Vitamin B Complex

B vitamin deficiencies are some of the worst offenders when it comes to inducing depression in people. The main reason for this is because the majority of B vitamins help regulate your hormones and ensure that your brain is working at it’s best. Have a deficiency in these and you could be looking at hormones going haywire and your brain’s functions thrown out of balance. 

Folate and Folic Acid

This vitamin is considered a B vitamin but will be covered separately as it has a vastly different function from the other B vitamins. It’s main use is to help your cells divide and keep your DNA healthy. As you know, your DNA is the blueprint for every single cell in your body. Miss out on folate and you’re damaging that blueprint, making it more difficult for your body to repair itself. 

What’s worse is that a folate deficiency will make it harder for your body to absorb vitamins, minerals and medications. One of these medications are antidepressants. Without a healthy amount of folate, any form of antidepressant treatment will have a vastly more difficult time helping you.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the easiest vitamins to get but is one of the most common deficiencies nowadays. This is because its main source, sunlight, is something you’ll struggle to get because of having to sit in an office or classroom for hours on end. This vitamin is also responsible for good brain function like vitamin B complex and it’s absence would throw your brain’s chemistry off balance leading to a depressive mood. Prolonged lack of this vitamin would lead to more permanent damage that would be hard to fix.


This mineral is a vital part of our biology as our body requires zinc for a large number of functions. Everything from brain function, to digestion requires zinc to properly function. A deficiency here would mean that you’re throwing yourself in the cross hairs of depression from a number of different reasons. These include depression from various other deficiencies to depression stemming from proper brain function. 


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